Transform using my imagination…the leaves of pistachio tree

Age: 4 and above Players: 2 and above Materials: leaves of pistachio tree, finger paints, plastic dishes, white A4 paper, scissors, glue, pencil

Purpose: The player uses his imagination in order to transform the pistachio leaf.

φύλλα φιστικιάς How to play: Cut the pistachio leaves from the tree. In plastic saucers dilute finger paints. The player dips the leaves in the colour, drains and presses them on white A4 paper. Through this process the child creates the imprint of the leaf on the paper. After the leaves are dried the child cuts the painted leaves and places them on the A4 paper.

The player tries to transform the pistachio leaf without painting on it but only on the A4 paper.

At the end of this process and when everyone has finished, each player removes the painted pistachio leaf and shows the rest of painting that has been created.

Wins the player who will transform the pistachio leaf in such way that the rest won’t be able to understand.

Enjoy the journey using your imagination!!